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the scourge of piracy

[18] Torchwood (mostly from "Countycide")
[11] Norrington from PotC: CotBP (pronouned pot-see cot-bip, obviously)

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Countrycide, see what they did there? Countrycide. A pun. You have no idea how much puns amuse me. IT'S VERY CLEVER. This might be my favourite episode just because the title is so clever.


So very clever.

Also Ianto head-butting Cannibal Man. (By the way, they did a good job of finding the single creepiest male actor in Wales, he now rivals LOST's Benry for Primary Haunter of Kelly's Nightmares). Head-butting never appeared to me like it would be a very productive method of self-defense, seeing as how both you and your opponent obtain more or less equal head injuries. But it makes for good television.

Tags: film: pirates of the caribbean, tv: torchwood
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